• Soundproofing Panels

    GUARTOFON® soundproofing products

    The GUARTOFON® products are the ideal material for sound insulation of sounds and noises, exhaust pipes and ducts in general.

  • Moldable sheaths

    GUARTOFON® soundproofing products

    GUARTOFON® GUARTOREX® products are self-supporting moldable sheaths for sound insulation and noise, particularly for exhaust pipes and ducts in general.

  • Heavy layers

    GUARTOFON® soundproofing products

    GUARTOFON® products are heavy layers, membranes and compounds for each application.

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Guarto home

GUARTO was founded in 1966 as manufacturer of components for the automotive industry in the original equipment, spare parts and accessories markets.
GUARTO products are now used also in the naval, railway and building industries, and in some other industrial applications.
GUARTO strength is being "the partner for realization" of the Clients' requirements for a focused development of the products.